How We Help:  Adult Work Program

At our organization, we offer a unique program that has proven to be highly effective.

Our Adult Work Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of transitional aged youth and individuals with disabilities. It provides a safe and supportive environment where participants can engage in personalized employment opportunities and socialization activities. The main focus of our program is to promote skill development, self-confidence, and self-esteem, which in turn aids in reducing psychiatric symptoms and behavioral issues.

Enrollment in our program does not require a physician's order, as it is considered a "pre-employment" program. The admission process takes into account eligibility, funding availability, and the level of support needed.


Our services are primarily funded by donations, private payments, and our cost-sharing initiative. For more detailed information about our Adult Work Program, please refer to the details provided below.

Our Adult Work Program revolves around the concept of the Work Ordered Day. We firmly believe that engaging in meaningful work is not only beneficial for an individual's overall well-being but it also helps to prevent social and economic isolation. Our program provides a unique opportunity for individuals with mental illness, disabilities, and transitional-aged youth to showcase their talents and become integral members of our existing business units. By working alongside our staff, participants can acquire vital employment skills that have the potential to significantly enhance their lives.

Business Units Where Our Participants Are Placed



Food Service

Business Admin


Continuum Help Foundation, located at our Golfside campus, allows participants to choose from one of five business units. By actively participating in our business operations, they not only learn important business etiquette and work-related skills but also have the opportunity to socialize in a safe, structured, and supportive environment. Importantly, these volunteer and unpaid work experiences can lead to competitive employment opportunities, either within our campus or in the wider community.

Summer 2023 Outcomes

Volunteers placed in paid work experiences
Volunteers placed in competitive employment
New business owners

Other Ways We Help


Peer Facilitated Groups

Our self-help groups are focused on specific topics and led by our highly skilled facilitators. These impactful group sessions foster a sense of confidence and optimism that contribute to the process of healing and growth. Our groups are designed for individuals seeking a secure environment to engage in open discussions and share their personal experiences with peers who offer genuine empathy and understanding. Group meetings take place Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 11:00am.


Community Meals

We offer breakfast and lunch services from Monday to Thursday. Breakfast is served between 9:00am and 10:00am, while lunch is served between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. Our meals are designed to promote a positive social environment, fostering meaningful interactions, open communication, and a sense of inclusiveness. We prioritize the provision of nutritious options and encourage individuals to cultivate mindful eating habits. Our meals provide not only sustenance but also serve as a platform for building friendships and commemorating special occasions.


Benefits Planning

Our comprehensive Benefits and Life Care Planning programs cater to individuals and families who may require extra support in achieving long term self-sufficiency and increased, sustained independence. Our team of committed benefits counselors and life care planners are here to establish a personalized plan that safeguards your financial resources, healthcare coverage, and other entitlements while you pursue work, accumulate savings for education, or embark on entrepreneurial ventures. Through effective collaboration with the Social Security Administration office and other community partners, we facilitate the utilization of work incentives and efficiently oversee the management of your My SSA account.


Entrepreneur's Workshop

We are excited to offer a transformative, complimentary 10-week course that is led by our esteemed Executive Director, who has a commendable track record as a successful serial entrepreneur. This course takes a pragmatic approach, emphasizing practical outcomes and enabling each participant to officially register their business with the State of Michigan, as well as establish crucial foundational elements of their venture. To be eligible for this workshop, it is required that participants actively seek or possess an Employer Identification Number (EIN).


Wellness Center

At our workplace, we have an on-site wellness center where program participants can access various services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic massage, and customized wellness programs. Studies have shown that engaging in movement and exercise can contribute to improved physical and mental health. To ensure employment success, it is important for participants to undergo physical therapy in order to improve any functional limitations that may impede their ability to meet deadlines and workload expectations. Our goal is to manage pain effectively so that it does not hinder their productivity or ability to consistently meet workload expectations.

Occupational therapy is often necessary to meet the performance benchmarks set by employers. Many of our participants benefit from specialized occupational therapy that involves breaking tasks into smaller components through task analysis. This approach helps them learn each component of the task more effectively, leading to improved performance outcomes. In addition to addressing physical aspects, occupational therapy also addresses cognitive issues that may impede workplace performance.