Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Hello, and welcome to my blog post. My name is Ashley, and for this post I’m going to tell you about PTSD.

What is PTSD? Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering from a terrifying or dangerous event that they witnessed or experienced. This condition is very common, with over 3,000,000 US cases per year. PTSD may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma, as well as intense emotional and physical reactions.

A few symptoms of PTSD are trouble sleeping, being easily startled or frightened, always being on guard, irritability, angry outbursts, or aggressive behavior. Some common causes are being in a car crash, being sexually assaulted or raped, being abused, being harassed or bullied, being kidnapped, being held hostage, or anything that can make you fear for your life.

PTSD is typically treated with therapies and medications. Traumatic events can be very difficult to come to terms with, but confronting your feelings and getting professional help is often the only way to effectively treat PTSD. Untreated PTSD can cause permanent damage to the brain due to the person living in a hyper-aroused state. People with PTSD may also have mental health issues such as depression or anxiety disorder.


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